Thursday, 22 September 2011

Making things fit the facts

Him Outdoors has just come back from walking the dog around the commune. Very proud of himself because he has had a chat with two of our very elderly french farming neighbours.

Trying to keep the surprise out of my voice, I asked what they had been talking about.

Well, I asked Jean Claude if he had been walking this week and said that we hadn't because it was too hot but that I am off at the weekend to start a 750km walk from Le Puy to St Jean Pied de Port. And they were very impressed.

Then M. Deltreil asked me if I had heard the donkey last night but it wasn't the usual word for donkey. (M. Deltreil has just acquired three new donkeys in the field opposite.)

Well how did you know it was a donkey then?

Because he brayed at me and then waved his ears above his head for the ears. And then I asked him if he had a baby donkey too because I thought I had seen one but he didn't seem to understand that.

A bit later a thought occurred to me. Was the word he used le cerf?

Yes, that's it.

When I could speak for laughing I told him that le cerf was a stag and it must be the rutting season and the noises and gestures M. Deltreil were making were entirely appropriate for stag too.....................

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  1. Good job he didn't get it...he might have asked M. Deltreil if he was wearing horns...