Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ha ha slight misunderstanding

Got another staircase letter this morning.

A copy of the report from Monsieur The Expert. Apparently this report isn't The Report, it's The Pre Report. The Pre Report goes to both sides for their comments and it is those that have to be received before the first of October in order that Monsieur The Expert can write his Report.

(I thought this was already the Pre Report but it must have been the Pre Pre Report - silly me.)

So it's not a month until it goes to the Judge, it's a month until it goes back to Monsieur the Expert so he can spend another three months writing his report.

You're right Perpetua we will be moved before it finishes - I wonder if that matters............................


  1. Probably not to an English buyer...but a French one would be getting het up....they know how long a process can take...

  2. You couldn't make it up, could you, Rosie! Are you taking bets on how long the Judge will need to make his judgement?