Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Camino and being solitary

Today I have got back from taking Him Outdoors and his sister to the start point of a 750km walk. This has been a year in the planning and it seems strange that it has now actually started.

They are walking from Le Puy en Velay to St Jean Pied de Port which is part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella (looking at all those I begin to doubt my spelling!). Not for any religious purpose, just for a long walk.

Him Outdoors drove to Le Puy - 5 1/2 hours - yesterday. We stayed in a really lovely Chambre d'Hote last night and then I drove back today after dropping them off.

I am not as tired as I thought I would be. It is usually Him Outdoors that does the driving while I navigate and I am very proud of myself that I managed to do both without any mishaps. I have just heard that they have arrived safely at their first night stop and all went well. Yesterday and last night there was much discussion about whether they could actually achieve this distance in the month they have to do it and they were considered very sensible to only be doing a relatively short walk for the first day as it was sooooo steep. Seems like they managed very well, didn't find it too steep and are going to double the distance tomorrow.

Meanwhile I am here on my own (with dog and cat) for a month which is ok so far :-)

I have never spent any length of time on my own. I left home at 18 to share a house with girlfriends and then married Him Outdoors. He used to be away on business at least one week a month at one time but there were always the kids about so I am very interested to see how I cope.


  1. Sure you will be fine, I spend every summer here on my own while N works like mad in the UK to get some sort of pension together so we can both be here full time. I am lucky I enjoy my own company so it does not phase me. As for the walk, I could not even walk the 50kms let alone the 750. Give me a bicycle and then I will take them on LOL. Hope they manage it is quite a feat. Diane

  2. Bon courage...and bonne chance for the walkers.


  3. Best wishes to the walkers...and it's amazing what you find yourself doing once you have the place to yourself.