Monday, 6 June 2011

Rush rush rush

After a phone call with a new stairman recommendation first thing this morning, I rang the new guy and asked to see him. He was going out but if we could get there in the next half hour he would be there.

Fortunately his workshop is only down the road, these things are easier for me (in French) face to face, so with a scurry of doorlocking, toast eating, coffee gulping, shoe finding we were in his office in ten minutes.

Lovely guy. Showed him the letter from our solicitor saying what was required. Lots of no problem I'll drop by at 5 on my way back from somewhere and then you can have the estimate by the end of the week!!! He also got a look at our stairman's name on the letter showing what was required from him and was full of 'oh him' 'gallic shrug' ('can't do the noise for silent whistle').

So...........fresh coffee and on with the day. Which is a damp, grey, misty morning with everything dripping. A baking morning I think.

And he came when he said he would and measured and discussed and will look at the numbers and see what he can do by the end of the week. So far so good.

And the cake sank in the middle :-(


  1. Wow, he came when he said he would and sees no problem. That sounds like real progress, Rosie. Fingers crossed the estimate arrives on time and is acceptable.

    What is it with cakes sinking at the moment? I even managed to have my Bara Brith (Welsh tea bread) sink last week and that's unheard of!

  2. Such good news about the staircase. About time! I loved the way you described your exit in a rush to get to his workshop.