Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Avoiding the ironing

Another cup of coffee
Put the robot in the pool (called Arnie, he has a large, used to be white fabric bag as a filter that looks like a huge pair of droopy pants and makes me smile at the idea of Arnold Schwarzenneger wearing them) and check the chlorine
Fish dead mouse out of skimmer - yuk
Finish off the hat I was knitting to get the gauge for a new jumper
Block and measure the hat - had to get the iron out, which was a start,to wave at the knitting a la Elizabeth Zimmerman
Weigh the hat to see how much wool it took
Pick the raspberries
Taste the gooseberries
Tie up the tomatoes
Deadhead the perennial sweet peas and cosmos
Water the courgettes
Admire the Miss Wilmott's ghost that is just turning a lovely shade of blue
Facebook a bit
Check the emails


  1. ROFL! Rosie, you're as big a procrastinator as I am where Ironing is concerned. :-) All the activities you list come above ironing in my book too....

  2. My husband irons better than I do so........ Diane

  3. I'm sitting looking at a huge pile of ironing as I write...hate it!

  4. Ha! Bev loves ironing...but put it off last night...and tonight. She loves the garden even more.