Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Apricots and Hoopoe

Mrs Ayak reminded me of the 'Stats' button on my blog and the blog that has had the most people by hundreds is one called Mimosa and Kiwi Fruit, which was about a trip to the local market here. I wonder if Apricots and Hoopoe will be up there with that and if so, why??

Today we picked our first precious apricots. We have a tiny tree that I am wall training and it had it's first fruit this year. There are eleven altogether and this afternoon the first couple came off in my hand when I was gently testing them. And they are so amazingly better than anything I have ever bought. So juicy. Brilliant.

I also saw my first definite hoopoe sighting this afternoon. We had seen a pair on the grass as we drove in to the drive when we came to visit the house before we bought it and I have heard them in the distance when out walking. They have a a definite hoo hoo hoo call. But this afternoon there were four on the grass.

Yay, a good day.


  1. We also have a hoopoe floating around, I love it as it reminds me of all my years in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Diane

  2. Sadly apricots and hoopoes aren't part of our summers in Normandy, at least home-grown apricots. What fun to have your own tree.

  3. It's one of my biggest joys, having our own fruit trees here. There's nothing quite like the taste of fruit picked fresh from your own trees.