Saturday, 2 August 2014

Every day's a holiday

We are loving playing at house. Some things, like the view, are a continuing delight:

Some, like the kitchen table, are a remembered pleasure. Just hoosh the clutter along a bit to make room for lunch.

The spotlights in the kitchen are brilliant - literally. After worries that all these new-fangled bulbs would be too dim, the spots over the worktop are wonderful. At last I can see what I'm doing but just over the worktops so that the light doesn't intrude on the rest of the kitchen.

The cooker is wonderful. Everything I hoped, such a joy to cook properly again.

The upstairs landing is a lovely space. We are still playing at moving furniture. Just bringing over the bits that will fit and then moving them three times before deciding. 

The view from the guest shower is amazing - well if you're six feet tall or above anyway!

Altogether lovely.


  1. I like spots over a work area too....and that kitchen table layout looks awfully familiar.....

    Nice to be able to play house at last after all your hard work...

  2. Amazing!
    Love the new staircase.

  3. It's looking like home already and your kitchen looks super. Don't worry about the table. I have to clear ours for every meal!

  4. Congratulations! It looks gorgeous - what will you do with your days now :-)