Monday, 28 July 2014

We've done it

Phew. After what amounts to a year of six days a week, we have finally got to a stage where we can move the fridge over and be based at the new house, not the rented one.
The cement mixer is finally out of the front garden - hooray.
The table is set up. The kitchen is in. The lights are done. Not all the painting is done - we've run out of Lidl paint until they have another offer - but it looks lovely. And is the biggest kitchen I have ever had.
The bed's made and waiting. And the bedhead is literally made by HO.

And the guest bedroom chandelier is up which makes me smile. (It's another faux ami, nothing a French electrician has ever heard of :-)

The telephone man came today so I can now blog in two places! And EDF promise to come on Thursday to increase the power supply - I'll believe that when they turn up.


  1. Oh, well done, Rosie, it all looks wonderful! Enjoy your lovely new home. :-)

  2. Hasn't it been worth all the work! You've really brought that house back to life and it will reward you with happiness.

  3. It looks lovely. Well done!
    Do EDF charge to come out and increase the supply?

  4. Thank you Perpetua and Fly for your support throughout. Bless you.
    Ken, I think it's 90 Euros but after at least 3 failed attempts I'll just be glad if they turn up!