Saturday, 1 February 2014

Well that was January

Another month gone. What's been happening in the house. The roof  has as much teddy bear lining as we can do without some of the windows and walls. It makes it all cosy and snug. That's towards the view end, with walls for bathroom and our bedroom and hole for new stairs on the right.

The door from the road to the cellar is blocked up because the floor of the kitchen cuts it in two when you remove the stairs. (Look at the lovely golden stone that was revealed when the concrete 'fell off'.)

We bashed out the stairs this week. Some thought of saving them because they are a lovely shape but, as usual, completely rotten when removed.

A weary Him Outdoors with the corner revealed.
Replacing joists - how many more tools will I have to find so he doesn't have to get out of his hole?

 And here's what he got up to while I was in England having a lovely time playing with our new grand daughter and her family. No, he's not burying bodies, it's the new asparagus bed. Of course it would be delivered in the only week I was away!


  1. Are you tempted to reveal the stone work? Apparently it was fashionable to cover up the stonework with 'crepi' -a sign of wealth in times past.