Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bits and Pieces

Frustrations of the DIY sheds....

Did you know that you can't buy bath taps without a shower hose attachment because otherwise how would you rinse the bath?

Neither can you buy old fashioned taps with Hot and Cold in French on them because it is 'always' in English.

We have taken out the old stairs so everything now has to go up a ladder. How are we going to get the bath up the ladder?? Buy a bath that turns out to be surprisingly light. Oh no, can't be good enough quality, it's too light???

Need to sort out lighting in the kitchen. Want a light over the table. Where are we going to put the table? Grrr we have a room 7m x 5m so how come there's nowhere to put the table?? There's too many doors in this room. Eureka, let's block up the front door and have a window. We could use the front door as the back door. But then we have to change all the electrics that were at the front door, and we would need an outside light, and, and, and.......

What else

The attic windows are fitted and look lovely. Not the railings or handles but you can't have everything.

The balcony man took the balcony away to remake the top and we haven't seen him again.

The roof has a leak but everyone is bustling about looking concerned.

We have walls to both bedrooms and have decided to joint another landing wall which will look great.

And so it goes on. Feeling much nearer and everything is looking brilliant which is very pleasing.


  1. Gosh, it sounds like a mammoth jigsaw puzzle at the moment, but i'm sure all the pieces will slot into place before long. :-)

  2. Hello Rosie:
    We have discovered you by chance but what joy. Joy at least for your readers, less so for you with ladders rather than stairs and the prospect of 'light' baths. And where indeed are old fashioned taps to be found?
    We have so enjoyed reading this and, in order not to miss future posts, have signed as Followers. To know more about us, then we are simply a click away.

  3. Enjoyed the update. It's lovely when things begin to come together.