Thursday, 5 December 2013

House and walking

Monthly walk today. Let's just pop by the house and see what they're doing. Fog so thick it was raining. Arrive to find the road completely blocked by a delivery of the stones for the uprights of the lucarnes (dormers).
Everyone hard at work ripping bits off the roof, drilling holes in stones, mixing crepi, adding more scaffolding.
Off for the walk. Not really my idea of a good time. Thick fog, very cold, no view, these horses were interested in us though.


The woman leading us on the walk showed us the garden of a friend of hers which was lovely. Even on such a day the bones of it were really good. This pond appears to be full of lotus flowers which were a surprise, surely they are too tender for this part of the world - googling required.
And then we called back at the house on the way back and the fronts of the lucarnes are finished! We were just in time to see another even huger vehicle carefully placing the second top stone on. We said see you tomorrow to the mason on our way out and he said that he would be finished tonight, just got to lay some blocks for the sides of the dormers.

While we were in the attic gawping at the stones, the roofer mentioned a couple of things that he had done because they needed doing/it was better that way/while he was up there he just........... Still loving this guy.


  1. So are the dormers on the visible from the road part of the roof and the velux on the other?

    1. Not so simple. The dormers face the old town and are seen as you come down the hill. The veluxes are on the downside and are seen by the main flow of traffic coming up the hill but not as part of the 'view' of the town from the surrounding countryside. There is a new sort of velux that is supposed to be approved by BdeF.

  2. But they haven't approved them if I remember it's going by on the nod on the 'no one will wanrt to notice' system...

    I remember the A de BdeF who solemnly told me that someone would see a glass roof if they passed in a helicopter - I could just see him chartering one too!

  3. They've approved the holes but said metal windows. The builders' reaction is of incredulity that anyone could possibly use them!

  4. I remember it well! We wanted to change the metal framed rooflights on our last can imagine the response....