Monday, 15 October 2012

Yay it's brilliant

We took a posse of friends to view the house. Turns out that the french guy knows the guy showing us round. Both rugby players. Phew.

Great house. Just as good as we could expect. Lots of original features, lovely garden, all wood floors left. A complete tip (I'll get the pictures sorted later) but in a sorting stuff way not a neglected sort of way. All good.

Ended up by offering the asking price and the guy showing us round said he would tell the owner that it was sold and he took down the sign.

Much relief on our part. A house at last. Lots of discussion and planning.

Then tonight. Phone call from the guy who had shown us round. Had we rung the owner? No I thought you were doing that but no worries we will.

Rang the owner. Somehow it turned into a conversation of other people viewing, more money, nothing happening until January.....................................

So, yet again, from delight to What the Hell????????????

Rang and explained to french guy and he has rung the guy who showed us round and all is well with him. So what is going on?

And there was us thinking that the roller coaster was over.


  1. Oh my goodness, and I thought buying and selling was so much simpler here than in the UK. Fingers crossed for you. Take care Diane

  2. Oh for goodness' sake!

    You agreed the she thinks she should have asked for more....

    How infuriating...I hope the rugger players convert her for you.

  3. Turns out that the owner's husband is on the verge of death and she has other worries. Not really up to the whole thing of dealing with house selling. You may well think that perhaps this wasn't the moment to put the house on the market but hey.
    The guy that showed us round still says it's sold to us at the agreed price. He has the only key and he's not showing anybody else.
    So all is still well. Doesn't sound like it's going to be a quick deal. But patience we can do.
    And we still love it.

  4. So what's all the nonsense about more money and other viewers...doesn't make sense.
    Still, as no one else can see it, you'll get it in the end.

    What a performance!

  5. Oh dear, Rosie, what a muddle. I always understood that if you offer the asking price in France, the seller HAS to accept it. Obviously her mind is elsewhere, but if the guy showing people around says that it's yours, I reckon you should be safe.