Monday, 6 February 2012


Yesterday we woke to snow and by the end of the morning we had about 4 inches. This morning it is lovely bright sunshine on sparkly white snow. Absolutely beautiful but very very cold.

Dear little house is all electric. (Well it shouldn't be, there is an open fire but you have to leave a window/door open to provide enough draught to get the smoke to go up the chimney which kind of defeats the object of the exercise.) Oh and the cooker is bottled gas.

In the last house Him Outdoors could have walked to the nearest shop to get emergency supplies, so the difference in our situation here hadn't really occurred to me. It's 7km to the nearest shop. Looking at the stores we have available for what looks like a week of snow is interesting to say the least.

Years ago we went on a sailing holiday for a week. We had spent a couple of weeks visiting friends and touring around before we got there so I decided to spend the money to get a box of supplies delivered to the boat for the week. On our arrival, there were two cardboard boxes on the table with all we would need. My first reaction was relief that this had worked and just ticking a box on a booking form had resulted in all this carefully chosen food.

BUT there was no indication at all of what someone had planned to do with all this food. No idea of the meals that this was supposed to make. By the end of the week the meals were getting more and more interesting!


  1. We have at least a good supply of food in and I am making my own bread, but we are 6 kms away from the shops, with untreated roads there is little chance of getting there for several days! Diane

  2. Him Outdoors has bread in the breadmaker and we have enough but a few more onions, tinned tomatoes and eggs would have made life easier. Oh and I hope the cat likes dog food.

  3. Mr. Fly hoards..and hoarded. I used to reckon we could do a week's supply for Somalia, no probs...

  4. Living where we do, we soon got used to stocking up for the winter, but we're running short of onions now and it does make a difference. Odd what things turn out to be essentials.

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  6. Perpetua, most of my comfort food seems to start with frying an onion and adding a tin of tomatoes!
    Fly, I hoard, but with moving so recently I had run down the contents of store cupboards and we have no freezer here.
    Nobody's going to starve whatever Him Outdoors thinks :-)

  7. Thankfully we stocked up on Friday, but we're destined for more bad weather and -13, so we might just have to try and get out tomorrow for further supplies...can't wait for Spring.