Monday, 6 February 2012


We have had some dealings with Orange whilst moving from one house to the other and every single thing we have been told as fact is rubbish.

If you use a 3G cle (dongle) attached to your computer in the UK it will incur no extra charges. (It incurs vast roaming charges.)

If you wish to cancel your telephone/internet on your old line write to an address in Lille. (You need to write one letter to an address in Lille to cancel your internet and a separate letter to the address on your bill to cancel your telephone line. It was only Elder Son ringing the old number and getting my answer machine message that alerted us to the fact that they haven't cancelled it.)

You cannot cancel your new account for 12 months. (Yes you can, if you are moving to a place that Orange doesn't cover.)

Oh and if you do send a letter, make sure it is recorded delivery or they won't acknowledge that it exists.


  1. They ought to hand out an advice sheet with all the above at all the ports, Rosie. It would save so much tearing of hair.

  2. I can't stand Orange! When we moved to Thailand (a country where they have no coverage at all) they tried to charge me £50 for a code to unlock my phone. My contract was over, the phone was paid for and was therefore mine but in order to go to another network and use it I had to unlock it. I phoned from Bangkok at silly o'clock at night, spoke to an operator who, after hearing we now lived in Thailand, no coverage etc, still wanted me to pay £50 and then offered to send the code to my old address in Manchester (WTF?). She eventually gave me the code and I thought everything was done and dusted until I got a call from my M-I-L (we had our post sent to her house since we had no UK residence) to say that she was getting threatening letters about my debt. I was absolutley furious, got on the phone and got it sorted out but I swore I would never use Orange again!

    C x