Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mimosa and Kiwi Fruit

Today on the market was mimosa and kiwi fruit day. Somewhere further south there must be trees and trees of mimosa but on our market was just one table. And because they are such a wonderful splash of colour it brightened the whole place. It was a bit like Mother's Day in England when you see the scariest looking guys taking flowers home for Mum. Most of the bunches were being held by rotund frenchmen who I imagined were off to lunch with their mums. And it brought a smile to many passers by.

It is also kiwi fruit season. So all the seasonal stalls have a box of kiwi fruit. I asked one lady who was buying several kilos of them what she was going to do with them and they were just for eating every day because they are so good for you. I hoped she might have a magical recipe. I know they are very good for you (full of vitamin C) and they taste ok but I can't say I really love them ...................any ideas anyone?


  1. I'm not a fan ...eaten as they are they are a bit dull...they never seem right in a fruit salad...though that could be my way of making fruit salad with green tea or with earl I used to get some out of duty and they'd sit in the fruit bowl...

  2. And this morning the mimosa is obviously dying :-(