Saturday, 26 February 2011


My local hairdressing experience was lovely. (Apart from having to look at my mother in the mirror for an hour which always happens when I take my glasses off now.) The coiffeuse was delightful (Fly how do I tell the lady that recommended her all that is implied by a lovely delightful woman, in french please.)

It was in Sarlat ,which on a February Thursday morning is totally empty and if not exactly shut very close to it. But the salon was buzzing. Modern, bright and every chair full of ladies in various states of wet, covered in paste, silver paper, hair. I had been recommended the owner who was older, elegant without being in any way brittle, and welcoming. Lots of time taken with chosing and discussing. Quite understood that I didn't want to look like my mother or the queen and was tired of looking like a witch. And I love it. And more to the point can almost make it look like that the next day!

A comment from Carol reminded me of a similar experience in Singapore. Well actually, the only similar bit is that I had my hair cut! A friend with very thin, very curly hair and I with my then dark wavy hair decided to brave the local (again recommended) hairdresser. We were both sat down together in one of those salons which is a converted something else and they have covered up the conversion in black paint - badly. The first surprise was that they proceeded to wash our hair while we were sat in the chairs. Just dampening it enough to apply the shampoo. To rinse it we were then required to lie down on full length plastic covered tables with our heads over a basin. Then we were sat back in the chairs and the cutting commenced. I seem to remember that that was ok it was only when it came to blowing dry that my friend was turned into an approximation of Molly Sugden - identical to an actress on Neighbours whose name escapes me and I ended up with the sort of bouffant cloud that is immediately washed out when you get home.

This all took place in tropical heat but fortunately above a very good coffee shop so I remember having fits of giggles over a restorative coffee.


  1. I suppose I'd say that she was 'une dame tout a fait charmante'...and certainly dame, not femme!

    And to have a style you could reproduce the next day...I'm green with envy!

    I have yet to brave a hairdresser here...but have heard of an English lady in an upmarket suburb so may go and peer through the window at emerging clients...probably be carted away for stalking...

  2. Thank you. I spent a long time scanning local women to find someone that had something similar to what I wanted. Stalkers of the world unite :-)

  3. Rosie it looks very nice indeed...a good cut by the looks of it. It's such a relief to find a hairdresser you're happy with isn't it?

  4. Your hair looks lovely!
    Was it Madge in Neighbours? I haven't watched for about 15 years, so she is probably long gone.

  5. What a result, Rosie! It looks lovely, just like I wish I could get my hair to look and never can. Perhaps I should visit Sarlat.

  6. GaynorB no not Madge or Helen it'll come to me in the middle of the night :-)

  7. And it did - Cheryl. Can't remember who she was, just the name.
    Keeps happening. Can't remember. Wait and it suddenly appears. Patience.