Monday, 12 July 2010

New regime

Sounds like something from Eastern Europe.

Him Outdoors has been told by the doctor that unless his cholesterol levels are reduced significantly within 8 weeks, he will need medication.

After an initial 'but we don't eat that badly do we?' and major Googling we are now on a concerted effort to get him (and hopefully me too) healthier.

No more saturated fats (olive oil only and less of that) and loads of oats/oilyfish/walnuts/avocados. The doctor mentioned drinking more water (which incidentally we haven't read anywhere else) and we might as well stop alcohol while we're at it.

He never stops doing stuff outside and is physically fit but not aerobically fit. As it's so hot he's up when he wakes up and walking briskly around the block which has enough steep hills to provide him with half an hour of out of breathness.

I have decided that rather than walk with him I would go back to yoga which I had a go at about 10 years ago. OMG how stiff am I. Shockingly, scarily, disappointingly unbendy. In theory yoga is a good way to start the day but there is a huge 'I am soooooo old'. It can only get easier.

And it is lovely to be so pleased to hear him crunch up the drive and be able to stop bending :-)

One week later (16 July)

Well, all good so far. We have done a week with no problem (except the Bastille Day meal). Not missing anything. Both lost 3 or 4 pounds (but not enough to be able to say for sure what the difference is on the scale dial - failing eyesight had us falling off the scales laughing trying to see the numbers).

Interesting how much alcohol/cake wanting is in your head. Done something exhausting in the garden....... lets sit in the shade with a beer. Been out in the morning........ lets have a nice cold glass of white wine under the tree. I've been busy this morning........ lets call in at the patisserie on the way home. We deserve it.

Exercised 6 days out of 7 and can now touch my toes- yay. Him Outdoors tried cycling this morning and was outraged at how wobbly his legs were, how he couldn't cycle up the hill, how much his arse hurt on the saddle..........

Not sure we feel healthier but certainly virtuous and proud of ourselves for cutting out so much crap.


  1. Hi Rosie
    My new regime started a long time ago after reading an article entitled 'You are what you eat'and I would definitely recommend the water. I drink about 6 large glasses a day. I'm still working up to the 1/2 hour breathlessness bit.

  2. Your post has reminded me that I need to take more care about what I put in my thanks and good luck with yopur new regime!

  3. OK so far. But don't stop making the cheesecake Ayak :-)I need to eat vicariously!

  4. I'm on a diet at the moment (so not fun) so am currently watching what I eat and I'm exercising for an hour at least three days a week. I have to be honest and say that I am feeling the benefit of'll surprise yourself just fast you will become bendy again!

    Good luck

    C x

  5. I like your bit about 'deserving' that cake or glass of wine - so true!! in my case it's tea ;-)