Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I am content.

It is a beautiful sunny evening, just beginning to cool off after a very hot day. We have had a very peaceful day after a sociable day yesterday entertaining people for lunch.

I was lying on the settee with a glass of cold white wine, gobbling a Rosamunde Pilcher novel that I haven't read. It is old enough to refer to a 40 minute taxi ride in London as being expensive when she had to give the driver a pound note. There is something very gentle about RP novels. Beautiful places, happy endings.

Our 8 month old delightful grandson is asleep upstairs whilst his parents are in the beautiful local town. There is a food court under the halle and hopefully they are finding tasty things to eat, somewhere to sit and enjoying the people watching. They will be back fairly soon because it is a semi final of the World Cup which Elder Son is keen to watch. I did notice that the last match was on in a bar in the square so maybe they will manage to find somewhere to watch it there.

Him Outdoors is stretched out on the hammock with his book. I think he is reading an ancient Bernard Cornwell. What a pleasure it is to visit old reliable authors.

Nobody needs supper, HO thought he might get himself a bacon and egg baguette later, it's too hot for me to be hungry and we had a good lunch of yesterday's leftovers.

Back to the story.......................


  1. Sounds absolute bliss...peace, quiet and an old favourite author.

  2. That sounds utterly heavenly!!

    I got some good news today (which I've just blogged about) so I'm feeling rather content tonight too :-)

    C x

  3. Lovely! There's nothing quite like that feeling of just gives you a rosy glow doesn't it?