Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blimey it's cold - Gardening 7th March

Lovely bright blue cloudless skies but the wind is from the North East and straight off the Urals. As my mother used to say an East wind is a lazy wind, it blows straight through you.

Over the last couple of afternoons, I (with some welcome muscle from Him Outdoors) have turned a large expanse of weeds into a respectable flower bed. Last year it was the rubbish tip for the builders and the spoil pile for the drive digger man. Now it's a large flat flower bed with stepping stones and each plant that got put in last year surrounded with manure.

Yesterday I had a peaceful time handweeding and trudging backwards and forwards to the manure heap. Talking to the chickens and bonding with Mrs Wembley and her new chicks. At lunchtime today I made the mistake of asking Him Outdoors if he had any plans for this afternoon that might include doing the manure lugging. Ever one to oblige I had hardly got outside before he was there with his barrowload 'where do you want it?'. And what had been a peaceful afternoon turned into something from It's a Knockout with me vainly trying to clear weeds before another bucketload landed on top of them!

All done now. It looks lovely and will be much easier to see what's what. A little less icy wind would be good for everything but we have violets today that we didn't yesterday and they smell lovely so spring must be on the way.

And the man from It's a Knockout was Eddie Waring of 'up and under' fame :-)


  1. Tell me! If you want a man to do something, you usually ask about a week in just when you think you've got that sussed, they take you by surprise and do it immediately when you're not ready.

    Still, at least they do it.

  2. Haha I'm with Fly on this one. It's a bit of a shock when you ask your man to do something and he does it immediately!

  3. Always one to surprise! It's a good job we had everything tucked up yesterday because there's snow today.

  4. I want chickens! How sweet. Good for you that you have a new flower bed. You must feel satisfied and ready to rest on your laurels. Well, I would.