Friday, 10 July 2009

Chickens again

All well. Survived the night. Cat hates them. One egg already. Ridiculously exciting.


All well with opthalmo. Wart to be removed by surgeon who is on holiday at the moment. So it has cost 79 € in appointments to find out it is nothing. Fortunately all covered by insurance. Very french experience at the eye clinic. Lots of form filling then a 'no room left' waiting room complete with the most boring fish tank in the world - 4 fish in huge empty tank. Long long wait but who minds when it is all ok. The Boots eye woman had announced that it was probably carcinogenic and needed looking at urgently. Stupid woman. Whatever it is that's not how you tell people. (Unfortunately Him Outdoors was sent into shock and came back to me and his mum to announce 'she says it's cancer') Lots of patting required to make this one ok.

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