Friday, 23 May 2014


Him Outdoors has been playing with his new toy. Brilliant gadget which lifts the huge pieces of plasterboard and means he can fit them by himself. Yippee.
This week we have had the plumber and electrician here and each time they see me lifting the other end of one of these huge pieces of plasterboard they move in and take over. I feel very cared for ............and grateful.
HO has taken off the front door and filled in the bottom half with blocks fronted with stone. There was so much wood surround on the door that it is amazingly much lighter. (We do plan to reuse the door.)

Today's main event has been the removal of the toilet from the kitchen. An essential but rather exposed toilet! All HO's endless planning and placing of plastic waste pipe was stuck together this afternoon and this has disappeared.....


 to be replaced by a toilet in a room with walls.................and a door...................

and a view.