Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Keep up, keep up

On with the emotional roller coaster.

We saw a house today that we both liked! A whole hamlet is recently on the market. We went to the local maire and found where it was, happened upon the owner there. Took the friend we were lunching with. All good. She's going to contact owner to see if we can avoid the agent.

Just sat down to put a picture on here and the bloody house has gone from every website. All the rest of the hamlet is there but the house is gone.

Oh for heaven's sake. If it's sold that is less than a week.

Have also seen:

looks like nothing much but is medieval wondrousness with higgledy piggledy garden. Done up with style. Very much an inward looking house, this side has its back to the world.

And this:

which is a nothing house. Seventies, dull, but the view is spectacular.

Onward and upward

There's always this one:


  1. I really do not envy you this house hunting..... Diane

  2. Crossing fingers for the one in the hamlet...hoping it's taken down to give you first chance at it.

    I like houses with their back to the world....makes for mystery when you push open the door...

  3. This one is lovely inside but you have to make a lot of compensations for its ancientness. Bathroom downstairs on the otherside of the kitchen, small windows, only view is of the cemetery, expensive............
    Thank you for keeping on with the positive comments.