Friday, 18 May 2012

La Belle France

I have been trying to recap on life this year in a couple of paragraphs and I give up. I'll just jump back in again and you'll have to pick up the pieces as we go along.

We arrived back in our little rented house back in France on Tuesday. It is soooo green and lush everywhere. When we left we were just sliding out of being snowed in and now it's summer.

We collapsed in a heap after a 14 hour trip in the same weather that M Hollande was in in Paris and in the morning woke to clear blue skies and sunshine. Bliss, it has been so rainy in England. On throwing open the back door there were 2 geraniums and half a dozen eggs on the table. Oh how kind. We are really living the cliche.

A bit later on the lady who had delivered them dropped in to tell us that her husband had cut the lawn twice - to discourage the burglars - and while he was there she had aired the house and cleaned the windows. She was very sniffy that she couldn't find the hoover (we had taken it back to England) so had shaken out the carpets as best she could.

Right, urgent shopping required for flowers and whisky.

Yesterday was a public holiday - one of many in May - and there are loads of tourists, and houses that are all closed up in the winter had shutters thrown open and voices calling. It's the first time since we moved here that I have felt like a tourist and not one of the locals. It felt very strange.


  1. Aren't people kind, Rosie? Glad you've mad it back safely, but I can understand why you feel like a tourist after being away for so long. Hope you feel settled again soon.

  2. You seem to have brought good weather with you...and how super to have such kind neighbours.

  3. Lovely to be welcomed home by such kind neighbours Rosie xx

  4. The Jenkins-Sharpes25 May 2012 at 22:54

    We are very pleased to have you back!