Tuesday, 19 April 2011


We are slowly learning our new addition to the family. What she does naturally, what she will do if asked nicely and what she can't help herself doing. It is very early days but we are all learning.......slowly slowly. And mostly she's brilliant and we are very lucky.

Today we took her in the car to one of the local markets. Busier than usual because it is just before Easter. Impeccable behaviour. She's no problem in the car. She completely ignored other dogs and all the interesting smells of the market and sat patiently while we had a cup of coffee. We decided she must have been a town dog because all this was completely normal to her.

When she goes on a walk with one or both of us she is great. Pays no attention to other dogs/chickens/cats/animals in general. Comes when called and obviously loves it.If on a group walk with other dogs and people, she just has a lovely time and comes back to check and then goes off again.

Sleeps through the night. Doesn't move until we get her up at whatever hour suits us. Eats the cheapest dog food happily.

All good stuff.

On the down side....................

She and the cat are not enjoying a fulfilling relationship :-). They lead separate lives and if Sweety catches sight of the cat she's in full chase mode in the blink of an eye. The cat, not being stupid, keeps well out of the way.

Sweety loves shit. Can smell it miles away and loves to roll in it and eat it. The sloppier cow shit the better.

Chickens are there to be chased and eaten. One down, seven to go. Normally we would just let them fly out of the way but it is the season of chicks and the mothers are more protective and everyone more vulnerable.

Him Outdoors would like a dog that lay in the shade and kept him company outside. Sweety can't do that. Outside is definitely foreign to her and she can't relax, it's a continual patrol for her.

I was reminded today of our children at primary school. I remember discussing with friends that I would rather have children that were well behaved at school and didn't get into trouble there and a pain in the arse at home, than the other way round.

I guess it's the same with dogs.


  1. LOL, Rosie! It sounds like the plus points are outweighing the minus, even some of the minus is rather smelly. It's still early days and if Sweety is as sweet-natured as she sounds, things may yet improve.

  2. Definitely early days. All OK so far :-)

  3. Chasing chickens is a no no...wop her hard at the moment you catch her.
    She'll sort being outside after a bit...but it's a pity the rescuers didn't have more info on her background.
    And, for goodness' sake..make her conform to you rather than vice versa...all the emotional pull of rescuing a dog does not outweigh the problems.
    Had several...loved them all...but had to sort out the rules.
    As for rolling in cow pats...just shower her...she'll soon get the message.

  4. Fly we'll do our best to make her conform to us. That's definitely the plan :-)

    She loves water. Rivers, ponds, puddles, hoses all lovely.

    Him Outdoors has been very disappointed to find that she doesn't have any idea what to do with a stick or a ball. But has discovered that she will chase and retrieve (and eat) walnuts!

    She also loves to eat the maize that was scattered for one of the nesting chickens. Weird dog. But all interesting.

  5. Haha poor Sweety - does she get to read her school report? ;-) all things considered she sounds like she's doing alright, and being socially acceptable is certainly a big plus point so you don't have to worry about taking her with you.

    Oh and be pleased about her not being addicted to ball chasing - fun to start with but would then drive you mad.


  6. Sweety sounds really lovely...I'm sure you'll soon get her to obey some of the ground rules!